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The abbreviation DISCC stands for DEVA International Society for Child Care.

DISCC was founded in Varanasi in 1991 by Dr Tulsi.
DISCC has a statute of humanitarian Non Governmental Organization (NGO), accepted and registered with the Indian government in 1991, which gave it an FCRA (« Fair Credit Reporting Act ») Number, which allows it to receive funds from abroad in order to support its actions. Every year a financial audit gives it a number of accreditation.
Our principal objective is to help the most disadvantaged children and their families. Our actions are aimed at several domains – medical, psychological, educational and social.
DISCC does not set any geographic or ethnic limits. Its motivation is purely humanitarian, excluding any political or religious motivation or interest.
Since its opening, seven prorams have been created in order to care for the needs of the most disadvantaged families and the needs of the staff at the center who come from Varanasi or from the surrounding villages. These projects constitute a coherent organization for this small community of about 500 people.
Since its creation and in spite of very limited resources, DISCC has come to the aid of almost 20,000 people – children and their families, handicapped people and leprosy victims, those who are among the most disadvantaged in the Indian society.

DEVA Center

Dr Tulsi's activities to help disadvantaged children started in 1988 with the opening of the first center for the rehabilitation of mentally handicapped children in Uttar Pradesh.
At the same time, Dr Tulsi opened a center for psychological counseling for the families.

This center integrates occidental psychological methods, such as behaviorism, with oriental methods, such as yoga and singing.

These marginalized children do not have the same ability to adjust as other children of their age. Dr Tulsi thinks that applying scientific protocols adapted to their needs will allow them to develop some autonomy. Not only the children but also their families and society will profit from the progress obtained.

Since its opening, the center has treated and followed up on 12,000 children and their families.

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